Advanced Topics in
Mathematics II

Torrey Pines High School
San Diego, CA

Abby Brown

Course Description

Advanced Topics in Mathematics II is a project‐based math class. Students will have the opportunity to work individually and in groups to study a variety of topics. The course includes a heavy emphasis on using computers and programming with Mathematica. Students will present their work to the class and other audiences. There are also community service possibilities in this course. Prerequisite: Successful completion of or currently enrolled in AP Calculus AB or BC. (Note: Students do not need to complete Advanced Topics in Mathematics I before taking Advanced Topics in Mathematics II.)

Back-to-School Night Video: Advanced Topics in Math II

Course Materials and Technology

We will be using the computer program Mathematica every day. Students will also be expected to use the program outside of class. Mathematica will be available for free for students in the class who bring their own laptop computers. Limited numbers of school‐owned laptop computers are be available for checkout to students to use during class time. Students are responsible for all materials checked out to them including (but not limited to) hardware, software, books, and accessories. Students with laptop computers are expected to bring them to class every day and to take care that they are well maintained.


The project work in this class will be done individually and in small groups. Some assignments and projects will have specific guidelines and instructions. For most work, students will have a lot of choice in the topics and styles of their projects. Students will complete projects in four general categories. Many projects will fit into multiple categories. More details about project categories and types will be distributed in class.

There will be several smaller assignments throughout the year. First semester will have more assignments and second semester will have more projects. Students will be expected to write about their experiences in this class. There will be some quizzes to check for understanding. It is unlikely there will be any formal tests with the possible exception of the Mathematica Student Certification Exam administered by Wolfram Research. Students will be informed of any changes. More details about specific assignments, distribution of activities, and the course calendar are available on the Adv. Topics class web site.

Projects and assignments can vary in length, difficulty, and creativity. What may be challenging for one student may not be for another. Students who take this course usually have a history of doing well in mathematics and they enjoy the subject. It is expected that students will work hard, challenge themselves, work independently and with others, and contribute to the class as a whole.

If students or parents/guardians have questions at any time about progress or grades, please contact Abby Brown at (preferred) or (858) 755-0125 ext. 2120 (voice mail).

Published Demonstrations

To see the most recent publications by Advanced Topics students on the Wolfram Demonstrations Project web site, use the link below.

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