Demonstrations by Torrey Pines High School Students

Congratulations to the following students in the Advanced Topics in Mathematics II class!

I am very excited to share that these students have their work published on the Wolfram Demonstrations Project web site. All of the interactive modules posted on this site are professionally reviewed and are accessed by students, educators, and other professionals around the world.

You can view snapshots of these using the links below. To interact with them directly, you can download the free CDF Player (link below) and open in Internet Explorer or install Mathematica. (Interactivity does not work in Chrome.)

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 Cell Signaling by an Intracellular Receptor
Emily Zhang

 Gene Expression and Eye Color
Jade Babcock-Chi

 Note Placement on the Four Common Musical Clefs
Maxine Sy Chu

 Electromagnetic Induction in a Loop of Wire
Kunal Singla

 Perfect Pitch Test
Elliot Kim

 Gross Domestic Product GDP and GDP per Capita
Farhan Hossain

 Encrypting with Double Transposition
Raymond Yang

 Concentric Sphere Capacitor
Spencer Shroff

 Planetary Trenberth Diagrams
Joshua Golden

 Changes in Key Signature with Addition of Sharps or Flats
Maxine Sy Chu

 Determining the Area of a Rhombus
Edwin Lim

 Capitals of the World
Will Lutz

 The Fibonacci Spiral and the Fibonacci Sequence
Justin Lee

 Sweeping Integral Examples
Charles Bao



 Archaic Trigonometry
Robert Bartsch

 Spinning Circles Optical Illusion
Vanessa Beeler
and Jonathan Farmer

 Light Dependent Reactions in Photosynthesis
Derek Fu and Minha Kim

 Idealized Path of Apollo Missions
Aditya Guru

 Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle
Rachel Lian and Stacy Hu

 Structure of the Flute
Erica Yeawon Hwang

 Create a 3D Character
Skylar Jung

 Finding the Vanishing Points of Sample Images
Simon Kim

 Grid Designs Generated By Langton's Ant
Rohith Kodukula

 Growth Curve and Life Cycle of Viruses
Jonathan Kuo and Richard Li

 Simulation of Pythagorean Cup
Ryan Lin

 Special Case Of Vandermonde's Identity
Kevin Ren and Ananth Rao

 How Increasing the Money Supply Affects the Economy
Matthew Rosenfield

 Shannon Diversity Index in Population Ecology
Kathy Wang

 Japanese Kanji
Yerin You

 Aristotle's Wheel Paradox
Russell Chiang
and Geffen Cooper

 The Cell Cycle
Rachel Lian and Stacy Hu

 Graphical Construction of a 2x2 Matrix and its Inverse
Jodie Hoh

 Comparing the Regions of Polar and Cartesian Graphs
Farzaan Kaiyom

 DNA Translation at a Ribosome
Reagan Kan

 Radians on the Circle of a Ferris Wheel
Sophia LeRose

 Area and Perimeter of a Rectangle
Kiara McNulty

Kathy Wang and YeRin You



 Chicken Life Cycle
Jing Cheung

 ATP Synthesis
John Hsu

 Elastic Recovery after Plastic Deformation of Metals
Ivy Huang

 Fiscal Policy Based on Aggregate Demand
Amy Jeon

 One Point Perspective
Stacy Kong

 Should You Walk or Run through the Rain?
Kien Le

 Keeling Curve for Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
Frank Lee

 Volleyball Serves
Jenny Li

 Wilhelmy Plate Apparatus for Measuring Surface Tension
Catherine Lu

 Learning Some Spanish Words
Shiwon Moon

 Optical Illusion of the Extra Piece
Gitanjali Multani

 Huffman Tree Encoding
Piril Nergis

 Rotation of the Euler Line of a Triangle
Will Nute

 Build Your Own Spaceship
Sydny Poh

 Spiral of Circles Optical Illusion
Marya Rana

 Random Point Construction of 2D Cellular Automata
Shishir Reddy

 Nuclear Fission
Benjamin Singer

Anisha Tyagi

 Light Dependence and the Calvin Cycle
Jonathan Wang

Raymond Wang

 Rotation Illusion for Radial Wave Motion of Discrete Points
Derek Xiao

 Drawing Some Plane Curves Using Envelopes of Lines
Carine You

 Counting Lattice Paths
George Zhang

 Derivative of a Vector-Valued Function in 2D
Abby Brown

 Genetic Transformation
Madeline Song

 Checkerboard Bulge Illusion
Priyanka Multani

 Comparing Roots of Unity
Lauren Oh

 Random Cuboid-by-Cuboid Construction of 3D CellularAutomata
Shishir Reddy

 Optimal Volleyball Spikes and Blocks
Luke Jung

 Counting Sheep
Amy Yu

 Clumping by Surface Tension
Dimei Wu

 Learning the Korean Alphabet
Peter Cha



 Epistasis in Genetics
Stephanie Hu

Sliding Filament Model of Muscle Contraction
Stephanie Hu

Prisoners Dilemma and Some Analogs in GameTheory
Francisca Vasconcelos

Simple Schlieren Apparatus
Alex Krotz

Average Force on a
Batted Ball
Belanie Nagiel

3D Zoetrope 
Ivy Gong and Abby Brown

Disappearing Fluff
Ivy Gong

Mondrians Cubes
Carolyn Chu

Optical Illusions with Changing Colors
(Tongyu) Michelle Hao

Some Gaussian Integrals
Casimir Kothari

Square Size Illusions
Christina Li

The Water Cycle
Adrian Liao

Descartes's Geometric Solution of a
Quadratic Equation
Bryan Chen

Tilted Table Illusion
Lauren Zhu

Ehrenstein Illusion
Pooja Bisarya

Tritone Paradox 
Chris Lu

Stock Forecasting
Andrew Tao

Illusion from Rotating Rings
Nathan Lian

Are the Red Lines
the Same Length?
Nathan Lian

Gradient Bar Illusion
Nathan Lian

Blind Spot and Filling In Illusions
Nathan Lian

What Color is the Stripe?
Nathan Lian

House of Representatives Reapportionment
by Hill's Method
Michelle Zhao

Paint Your Own Rothko
Michelle Zhao

Time Complexity of Common Sorting Algorithms
Eric Xiang

Cutting a Key for a
Cylinder Lock
Edwin Li

Life Cycle of a Lytic Phage (T4 Bacteriophage)
Kyung Eun "Christina" Baek

Curl of Some Vector Fields
Ryan Zhan

Constructing an Autostereogram
Vasu Vikram

Some Ratios for Regular Inscribed Polygons
Walter Zhao




Musical Cadences
Emily Sun, Hope Chen,
& Nic Calle

Musical Scales
Hope Chen & Emily Sun

Internal Combustion Engine
Sarah Brown

Forces on a Bouncing Ball
Anissa Dadkhah

 Angle and Velocity of Batted Baseball
David Lee

8 and 8 Pitcher Puzzle
Min Ho Bae

Marble Probability

Hyeongeun "Elizabeth" Park

Enumerating the
Rational Numbers
John Stucky

 Weissenberg Effect in Ferrofluids
Vighnesh Souda

Initial Force on a Mobile Charge in Field of Fixed Point Charges
Vighnesh Souda

Center of Mass in a Canoe

Natalie Kadonaga

Angle of Intersection for Equiangular Spirals
Jason Kha

 Glass Slide Reflectance from Vector Amplitudes
Gha Young Lee

Stellar Parallax
Kevin Jiang & John Stucky

Properties of Isotopes
Alexander "Sasha" Kabalnov

27 Coins Balance Puzzle
Min Ho Bae

The Phosphorus Cycle 
Jacqueline Yau

A Simple 2x2
Cooperative Game
Darren Edmonds

Learn the Korean Alphabet
Yasmeen Baki


Other Torrey Pines High School students have contributed prior to 2014. These years above are the ones where most students in the class were able to get published and I kept more organized lists. Searching "Torrey Pines High School" on the Demonstrations web site will bring up more, but not all of them were tagged this way.

-Abby Brown


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