Project Turn In Checklist

This is for students in the Advanced Topics in Mathematics II class at Torrey Pines High School.

  1. Consider the following and make corrections and edits as needed:
    1. Is the project well organized and does it follow the required guidelines? (Title, sections, explanations, comments, credits, etc.)
    2. Have you included appropriate written information that explains the work, process, or directions?
    3. Are all illustrations and/or plots properly labeled, if applicable?

  2. Finish your project, make sure it is free of errors (check with a fresh kernel), and proofread it.

  3. Make sure you include any credits and references to outside resources. Do not just copy/paste a URL. Have a brief description of any website resources.

  4. If you are doing a client-based project, have your client complete the Client Evaluation Form and return that to you and then share it with Ms. Brown.

  5. Complete the Project Reflection Section and add it to your notebook (or use the Project Turn In/Reflection Form PDF, if needed). Be sure to read the reminders within the Project Refletion notebook. Consider the learning priorities and categories/types on the Information for Projects.

  6. Upload the final version of your project to Google Classroom. If you worked with a partner, one partner turns it in and the other makes a note in Google Classroom, as indicated there.