SDSU transcript request:
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The following list includes most of the questions that my students have about ordering transcripts from San Diego State University. (Don’t worry. It’s not really that complicated.)

Students who took the courses through MiraCosta College will find the general information about transcripts useful and relevant. Links to MiraCosta College transcript information are included within the answer to the corresponding question.

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Why do I need to order transcripts from SDSU?

The SDSU records are kept at SDSU, not the San Dieguito Union High School District (SDUHSD). The only way your college(s) (those you are applying to or those you are attending) will know you completed the SDSU courses and will possibly grant you credits is by receiving the records on an official transcript.

If you chose to keep the SDSU courses on your high school transcript, the high school transcript will NOT be sufficient for transfer purposes. Also, the course titles that appear on high school transcripts (Calculus C, Calculus D, Linear Algebra, Adv. Topics in Math II) are not the official college course titles and are not recognized outside of SDUHSD. (Well, “Linear Algebra” would be, but the course you took was really “Introduction to Linear Algebra.”)

Do I have to order transcripts from SDSU?

Yes. SDSU will not automatically send transcripts to your college. Transcript requests are not linked to requests at TPHS. You need to submit a request to SDSU. The information and form can be acquired online, but you must mail it in. They need an actual signature and a payment check to process transcript requests.

If you do not have transcripts from SDSU sent to the college or university you attend, you will have no chance of receiving college credits for the SDSU classes you took in high school. Even if you plan to repeat the classes or do not need the college credits, you should still have a transcript sent so that it is part of your college records. You never know if you may need it later.

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What is the difference between an official and unofficial transcript?

You will need to request official transcripts. The SDSU web site states, “‘Unofficial’ transcripts report the same course and grade information as the official transcripts. However, they are not considered official because they do not have the official university seal imprinted on them and are not suitable for transfer purposes. Unofficial transcripts are used primarily for student reference.”

In general, official transcripts are sent directly from one institution to another, never passing through the student's hands. Often you can get unofficial transcripts cheaper or free. For example, if any of the colleges you applied to accept unofficial transcripts for mid-year reports, you can get one unofficial one, make copies, and send it yourself more cheaply than ordering official ones for all of the schools.

How often will I need to order transcripts from SDSU?

The SDSU classes are part of your college records forever. This is part of what you are paying for when you signed up for the class. You only should need to send transcripts to your college once. However, in the future, whenever you need to send college transcripts somewhere, be sure to include one from SDSU.

Who else would want my college transcripts?

Graduate schools, scholarship applications, job applications, employers, you. 

Should I order an SDSU transcript for myself?

I highly recommend that you request to have two official transcripts be mailed to you personally in separate sealed envelopes. Open one so you can see exactly what is being sent to colleges, employers, etc. Keep the other sealed if you ever need it on short notice. You may want to do this for all of your transcript records.

The SDSU web site states:
All transcripts sent to students are marked “Issued to Student” and may not be considered official by other educational institutions. In addition, employers and other business concerns may not consider these transcripts official if the seal on the mailing envelope is broken. Students must specify on the request form if they desire transcripts to be sent in separate sealed envelopes.

How do I order an SDSU transcript?

Go to one of the following web sites at SDSU.

How do I order transcripts from MiraCosta College?

Go to one of the following web sites at MiraCosta College and follow the directions there.

Can I send transcripts to more than one recipient address?

Yes. Clearly separate each address. If you want to have more than one transcript sent to an address, make a note beside it. If you are sending transcripts to several colleges and cannot fit them all in the space provided, attach a separate paper and make a note in the space provided that there is an additional page. On the additional page, be sure to write your name, social security number and/or SDSU ID number, and signature in case the information gets separated.

Also, for each address, be sure to include as many details as possible such as the recipient office and university name along with the street address. (I once had a transcript returned to me because I did not indicate the name of the school district, even though I had listed the name of the recipient person and correct address, and I had to request and pay for transcripts again.)

How much do transcripts cost?

According to the SDSU web site on 01/25/2018:  The fee to order official transcripts is $10.00 per official transcript. (See my note about unofficial transcripts. You may be able to save money that way if you figure out which schools and/or scholarship applications need what.)

Refer to to check for price changes.

How long does it take for transcripts to be received?

According to the SDSU web site on 01/25/2018:
Transcript requests take three to five business days to process and mail, unless there is a hold on your university record. Please be aware that the process may take longer during peak periods (i.e. beginning and end of each semester). Transcripts are sent via the regular United States Postal Mail Services. San Diego State University has no control over the delivery time of the mail, within the U.S. or internationally.

How can I look up my grades online?

You can look up your grade online through the SDSU Web Portal. You will need your SDSU ID (your “Red ID”) to register and sign in.

If the semester is currently in progress, see your instructor.

Where do I go for more information?

Go to one of the following web sites at SDSU.

These web addresses are subject to change. Try if the links don’t work.

More information on Ms. Brown’s web site:
SDSU/MCC Courses and SDUHSD Transcripts
TPHS/SDSU Collaboration and Class Information

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